RFID hospital Wristbands & NFC patient identification wristbands

RFID & NFC Wristbands for health care offer secure patient identification with information printed onto the wristband direct from the Hospital's patient admission system. The use of Bar-codes enhances safety by ensuring that each patient is administered the correct drugs and treatment and that all treatment, lab samples and blood units are accurately recorded, tracked and monitored at all stages.

Syndicate's disposable RFID hospital ID Wristbands & NFC wrist tag/ bands have been designed keeping patient safety in mind and help in:

  • Reduction in Insurance costs & patient bed days by means of automation.
  • Accurate tracking of blood & lab samples of patient across the hospital
  • Reduces possibility of making errors by helping nurses & doctors accurately administer and track treatment and by aiding in proper patient identification.
  • Easy scanning of wristbands reduces time spent by nursing staff in matching patients with prescribed medication and gives them enhanced confidence
  • Customized wristbands to reflect the Hospital’s branding.

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A hospital- patient wristband should maintain the integrity of the patient data and bar-code during the full duration of the patient's hospital stay. To maintain durability, the product must resist moisture and chemicals, which can corrupt critical patient information. Our disposable hospital id bands provide maximum resistance to light, moisture and the following solvents:

Customized RFID & NFC patient wristbands for branding purpose is also available with us.

  • Betadine Iodine
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Lotion
  • Sunscreen Lotion
  • PRODUCT Product name
    Direct Thermal RFID Wristbands
    Durable direct thermal wristbands for On-demand variable data printing.
    Tamper-evident adhesive closure. Waterproof & Non-stretch. For Healthcare sector. Muti day use
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