Apparel & Retail

Innovative RFID-based products from Syndicate Group are contribution to the Apparel, Luxury and Retail industry. Improving the visibility, control and intelligence throughout the supply chain - from manufacturing, to distribution, through the retail stores.


Asset Tracking

This proven method based on RFID technology can also work for simple applications such as managing a library to managing a massive amount of assets used by larger firms with minimal human involvement and the possibilities are still infinite.


Manufacturing & Supply Chain

FMCG and other sectors of business that requires immediate movement of goods are in need of a foolproof system, that can track and record the details automatically. RFID implementation improves real-time visibility and control in such situations.


Sports & Leisure

Streams like sports and other leisure activities require flexible and durable RFID products. At Syndicate those problems has been already addressed, with our latest tamper and water proof material based products for marathons, triathlon, cycling and other corporate sporting events.


Traffic Management & Ticketing

Syndicate RFID tags and labels allow cost efficient and user friendly solutions for large scale Automatic Vehicle Identification needs. The products like UHF based windshield labels, HF based parking tickets are being shipped worldwide.


People Identification

Most modern office buildings, hospitals, airports, amusement parks, parking facilities and industrial estates are equipped with access control systems that authorize people to move in and out of specified zones. Efficient RFID systems clearly outperform conventional methods here.