RFID Transport Ticketing

High quality Contactless Ticketing Solutions for public transport, access control & parking applications

Syndicate RFID offers a range of innovative & high quality contactless ticketing solutions for public transport, access control & parking applications offering users benefits of faster transactions, multiple payment options, enhanced security against fraud and operational efficiency; all leading to cost reduction and increased revenue.

Tickets can be supplied in fan-folded or reel format for Automatic fare collection and ticket vending machines & in booklet form or cut singles for manual issuing. A wide range of Thermal and non-thermal Paper & PET materials can be chosen depending on the ticket life cycle. We also offer ticket personalization options such as:

  • 4c artwork on the tickets
  • Write and/or read protection
  • Printing of the IC UID number
  • Encoding of the IC
  • ISO or custom sizes as per system integrators specification.


Key Features:

  • Anti-Counterfeit tickets
  • Complete Data protection by encryption, certification and OTP (One Time Programmable)
  • Fast transaction times & less queuing at gates
  • Low cost of maintenance as reading and writing are performed contactless

Application Areas:

  • Parking
  • Transit
  • Ski Passes/ Event Ticketing/ Hotel Badges etc.
  • Identification Cards









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