RFID Smart Labels


Syndicate  - NPCI approved FASTag manufacturer



FASTag is a simple to use, reloadable tag which enables automatic deduction of toll charges and lets you pass through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transaction.




RFID All Surface Labels

With balanced performance on metal and liquid container, these products are ideal for tracking asset and tool tracking in medical devices for healthcare, laptops & servers in IT, industrial manufacturing, mount on metal applications, oil & gas pipelines, liquid container tracking, high value/luxury retail items and many other industry verticals.

NFC 4545 All Surface NFC 30 All Surface Mount On Metal 10719 Mount On Metal 10043 Mount On Metal 6024

Magnum HT3915 (ETSI & FCC) Magnum HT10431 (ETSI & FCC) On-Metal High temperature Magnum 8719 (ETSI & FCC)




RFID Labels - Non Metallic Surfaces

These products have strong grip on non-metallic objects and can be applied on all types of surfaces, especially plastic containers, wooden boxes, crates, carton boxes etc enabling asset tracking applications and revolutionizing integration into manufacturing & supply chain.

General Purpose Aerial Aerial Mini Aerial Lite Elite Dumbel NFC 4545 NFC 30




RFID Library Book Labels

Syndicate offers Smart book labels for RFID enabled Document Management System and Library Management applications. These cost effective and easy to deploy labels ensures that books are re-shelved quickly, shortens wait times and ensures quick turnaround time.




Car Windshield Tags and Labels

Syndicate RFID's Windshield Label is specially designed for quick & reliable Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and offers an ideal solution for Parking & Tolling applications. These labels are optimized for application on glass surfaces of vehicles and are non-transferrable.




Syndicate 3rd License plate tag

Tamper-proof 3rd License plate label. Unique construction enables readabily of the variable data printed, from outside of the vehicle.




RFID Solar Tag

Syndicate’s Solar Labels/ Tags are specially designed for tracking and easy identification of PV modules. It comes with high-performance permanent adhesive with excellent bonding which can be placed either inside the lamination or on the outside of the solar module.

The labels/ tags can be offered pre-printed with customised design/ branding upon request and are available in cut singles / roll form.


Tyre Label thumb


Tyre Tread label

Syndicate Tyre Label is a specialized high performance label designed to apply on Tyres. It meets the toughest durability challenges of applying it on rubber surfaces. These labels can be used in WIP Management, logistics & supply chain, distribution, storage & point-of-sale.


Jewellery Label


Syndicate Jewellery Label

Syndicate temper-proof jewellery tag is designed for tagging small, valueable jewellery items. The tag is suitable for jewellery stock managent. These tags can be pre-printed and encoded with human readable data according to the customers requirements.