RFID Race Timing Solutions




RFID Marathon Foam Tag

Syndicate RFID Foam Tag is ready to apply foam backed tag on a Marathon Race BiB; designed to ensure athletes receive the most accurate measurement of their race timings. It is very light weight and simple to apply on the backside of a marathon bib. Pre-encoding and serial number on the tag can save time and eliminate unnecessary human errors.




RFID Shoe Tag

The Syndicate Shoe Tag is a perfect option for any size event looking for a simple and cost effective solution for providing their participants race timing solution. This race tag is a thin wet inlay film strip ready to apply on a shoe tag for lace-up. With disposable tag technology there are no teams of volunteers collecting chips and the runner simply moves on to the post race recovery unhindered.




RFID Marathon Race Bib

Syndicate Marathon Race Bib can be instantly printed using most Laser Printers. The Bib material used is resistant to water and sweat; it will not tear off during rough and tough conditions. Variable data printing allows different number printed on each Race Bib. Syndicate Marathon RFID Bib supports long read ranges making it ideal for use in marathons, charity races and relay events etc.




RFID Ankle Band

The Syndicate Ankle band is specially designed to meet challenging needs of timing a multi-sport race event like Triathlon. This most durable and cost effective solution ensures to provide the most accurate measurement of all the races. Ankle bands are very easy to use with its simple peel & attach feature. It eliminates the time consuming post-race chip collection process.




RFID Bicycle Tag

The Syndicate Bicycle Tag is the UHF RFID timing tag which attaches to the seat post/ saddle of the bike. Tag is as thin as a sheet of paper. It creates no additional drag for cyclists and is easily readable from the side. The ease for participants to apply the tag to the bike is second to none. Eliminates straps or anklets sticking in the crank.