RFID Marathon Race Bib

Assign unique identification Bib to each participant for successful chip timing running events

Syndicate Marathon Race Bib can be instantly printed using most Laser Printers. The Bib material used is resistant to water and sweat; it will not tear off during rough and tough conditions. Variable data printing allows different number printed on each Race Bib. The bib feature a punched out hole on each corner so that it can be affixed by a safety pin to the runners' jersey.


Key Features:

  • Assign unique identification number to each participant
  • Simple for athletes to affix bib on jersey
  • No post-race collection required
  • Quick & high tag read rate
  • Water-proof & sweat resistant
  • Light Weight and durable material


Application Areas:

  • Marathon & Ultrathons
  • Sprint Races
  • Charity Runs









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