RFID Bicycle Tag

Just peel, align and stick! Use completely customizable RFID tag for cycling races & events

The Syndicate Bicycle Tag is the UHF RFID timing tag which attaches to the seat post/ saddle of the bike. Tag is as thin as a sheet of paper. It creates no additional drag for cyclists and is easily readable from the side.

The ease for participants to apply the tag to the bike is second to none. In just three easy steps your bike tag is on the bicycle. Just peel, align and stick! Bike tags are used for various styles and speeds of cycling including cross country races, charity rides and mountain biking events.


Key Features:

  • Easy to apply to the bike
  • No additional drag added to the bike
  • Eliminates straps or anklets sticking in the crank
  • No-post race chip collection
  • Eliminates fees for lost tags or unreturned tags
  • Can be customized to include your race or sponsor logo
  • Easy to remove with no post-race residue
  • Made up of Recyclable material

Application Areas:

  • Cycling race
  • Cross-country
  • Charity rides
  • Mountain biking









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