RFID Ankle Band

Most durable and cost effective solution to ensures accurate race timings

The Syndicate Ankle band is specially designed to meet challenging needs of timing a multi-sport race event like Triathlon. This most durable and cost effective solution ensures to provide the most accurate measurement of all the races.

Ankle bands are very easy to use with its simple peel & attach feature. It eliminates the time consuming post-race chip collection process.


Key Features:

  • Simple for athletes to use
  • Light weight band does not affect performance
  • Easy to distribute before the event
  • No post-race chip collection
  • Eliminates fees for lost tags or unreturned tags
  • Reduces potential for human error
  • Customizable for marketing opportunities
  • Optional logo printing and encoding

Application Areas:

  • Triathlon
  • Mud race
  • Nordic sports
  • Swimming









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