RFID Car Windshield Tags and Labels

Quick & reliable Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Solution ideal for Parking & Tolling applications

Syndicate RFID's Crystal TE Windshield Tag and Label series are specially designed for quick & reliable Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and offers an ideal solution for Parking & Tolling applications.

Our passive, battery free tag is EPC Gen 2 compatible and designed as a thin & flexible label with strategically placed slits to ensure the tag is non-transferrable and cannot be removed without being destroyed. The tag is optimized for application on glass surfaces of vehicles and offers a read range of up to 8 meters (depending on the reader).


Key Features:

  • Strategically placed slits & adhesive layers ensure the tag is destroyed upon attempt to removal, making the tag non transferrable and for one time use only.
  • UV & temperature resistance
  • The use of permanent adhesive makes the tag durable
  • Optimised antenna design makes our tag ideal for application to glass
  • Double sided printing option available
  • UID printing & data encoding offered
  • Read range of up to 8 meters (depending on the reader)

Application Areas:

  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Parking Management
  • Logistics Processes
  • Official vehicle registration identification
  • Automatic Toll Collection









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