Apparel & Retail



RFID Tagging & Labeling Solutions for high impact branding, secure merchandise, smart shelves and efficient inventory management.

The apparel and retail industries are going through transformative changes. A growing number of retailers are taking big steps to provide enhanced customer experience using RFID enabled technology.

RFID tagging and labeling can provide item-level visibility for almost any merchandise item. Increase control and intelligence throughout the supply chain - from manufacturing, to distribution, through the retail stores, will help you identify choke points, improve logistics, receipt, purchasing, and shrink management processes.

Key Benefits:

Inventory Shrinkage (Shrink) Reduction

  • Track retail items between manufacturer to supplier till end point of sale at retail
  • Real-time notification of security when RFID tagged items leave area without payment
  • Value for brand owners
  • Authentication of garments by unique identity
  • Facilitates detection of counterfeit
  • Minimizes shrinkage and out of stock

Shelf Stocking

  • Real-time notification of out-of-stock items
  • Improvement of product replenishment & forecasting
  • Easy Check-out Process with ability to scan multiple items at once
  • Reduce time spent by customer in line

Services Offered:

  • Variable data printing
  • Encoding facilities
  • Full colour printing
  • Quick turnaround time







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