RFID Crystal 3rd License Plate Sticker

Crystal 3 License Plate Sticker is a non-transferable RFID Label for vehicles windshields. With an excellent read and write performance, theese labels can be printed and encoded on demand using thermal transfer printers and applied to the interior of the automobile windshield such that the variable printed information is readable from the outside. It contains a conductive ink printed antenna and tuned especially for optimal performance on the glass surfaces. This label supports IR and UV Light Protection Filter, Variable data printing of barcodes, custom chip programming and supplied in roll form as nished labels.


Key Features:

  • Strategically placed slits & adhesive layers ensure that the tag is destroyed upon the attempt to removal, essentially making the tag non-transferrable and more secure.
  • UV & temperature resistance
  • The use of permanent adhesive makes the tag durable
  • Optimised antenna design makes our tag ideal for application to glass
  • Double sided printing option available
  • UID printing & data encoding offered
  • Read range of up to 11 meters (depending on the reader)

Application Areas:

  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Parking Management
  • Automatic Toll Collection
  • Electronic Vehicle Registration


Syndicate 3rd License plate tag



RFID Crystal 3rd License Plate Sticker


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